I am spanish and I got the Imperium game(spanish version) today. It seemed to be laserlock for the ring it has, but clony xxl didn’t detect as it. I have copied it using clone cd with default settings for the data profile, and it works without any problem. I tried it making the clone image with the plextor but took a long time (it readed normal, but at 6% of the progress it readed very very slow). The toshiba dvdrom also readed very slow at that 6%, but after 10-15 minutes, it began to read normal, only is a portion of the cd it reades slow, very. I made it in this way.

If it was indeed LaserLock then your results are normal. The default Profile in CloneCD were set-up for success. Our custom Profiles were set-up for speed. Plextor drives are known to read LaserLock quite slow (45 minutes here).