Immunicity unblocks Torrent sites with a browser setting change

We’ve just posted the following news: Immunicity unlocks Torrent sites with a browser setting change[newsimage][/newsimage]

With just a browser setting change, Immunicity unlocks all the censored file sharing/streaming websites in the UK and other countries. It is free to use and the setting works with just about any browser, including on iOS and Android.

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Why do governments even bother trying to get their own people to do what they want to do? Oh, yeah… in return they are given “generous campaign donations” from big business owners. And the people that they are supposed to represent suffer for it… until workarounds like this one appear.

This lead one to question why big business bother bribing donating so much money to get this to happen. Of course, they are only making people even more angry, and thus more reluctant to pay good money in exchange for this bulls***. In the end, no one benefits from any of this. So, why bother?

If only big governments would spend less time getting bribed by listening to to big businesses, and more time hearing the words of RMS… things would rapidly change for the better.

Of course, one can’t help but wonder how much tracking goes on with this site.

We get the government we elect and we keep electing people that never deliver on their campaign promises. Until people become blind to political parties, and savvy to “politics”, nothing will change. Politicians have become very good at handing out freebies to voters and getting them addicted to receiving them. What people don’t realize is that these “freebies” come at a high cost in ways they just refuse to see.

Government is the key to solving the problems that are running out of control and it is people that elect (currently anyway) their government. People are losing their freedoms and privacy at a ferocious pace. One day people will realize what is happening but by then it will be too late for them to effect any solutions as they will be too dependent on government for their basic survival. Then they will be unable to effect change. This is happening all over the world and governments are continually corralling their citizens in to smaller and smaller pens. Until people take more responsibility for themselves this trend will continue. As governments gain more control over people, tyranny will increase on those people.

Big business is playing by the rules that government condones. We see less and less true competition because competition reduces government control. Business reacts to the rules that effect them and the rules are set by government. Government should be promoting healthy competition in the private sector and preventing monopolies. Instead we have governments that want to control everything, and everyone, so they can continue to increase and monopolize their own power.

There seems to be very little comment on this subject, is it a load of rubbish, unsafe to use, or just a lack of interest?