I have a Sony NS305 & a Yelo 800 DVD players

I use DVD2ONE Ver 1.11 Nero and all my backups work ok with the Sony but none with the Yelo.

I’ve recently started useing the latest version of Imgtool in
conjunction with Nero and hay presto - My backups now work on both players

Anyboby else had similar experiences ?



I did have an occasional compatibility issue with my Sony DVP S 670D.
So I trying ImgTool now and like it a lot, have not seen any problems with my backups.

One thing I did notice, whatever I tried with just nero, it would not name my volumes, all that I would get for a volume name is new. With ImgTool that seems to be fixed.

I have been using ImgTools (now version for a few months and I can play on all the standalones I throw it on. I’ve used Nero by itself, Primo DVD and Gear with only a 75% success rate. With ImgTools and Nero I have had spectacular playability. It creates the video_ts/audio_ts folders, does reallocation, title label, and DVD High compatibility mode. I recommend that if you try it and you like it then send the author a small donation. I did. A lot of folks forget.

(DVD Decrypter 3.14 in file mode, winxp sp1, DVR-105, Ritek 4x media and DVD2One)