I used DVD decrypter to rip a dvd then used DVD shrink to make it into a .ISO in shrink you can play the movie and it played had sound so i made the ISO, i then used ImgBurn to burn it to a dvd and i put it in the dvd player and it plays fine but it has no sound what so ever?? what could be wrong>?

What did you do after you checked it in Dvd Shrink & before you made the ISO? Did you check the ISO to see if it had audio before burning?

How do you check? Im new to this and dunno really how to i just located the folders and in the lower left corner you can play the movie and it played wit sound i clicked make in ISO then open it in imgburn and burned video was fine audio was nothin

You can check the ISO prior to burning with a media player, if you don’t have one download & install VLC Media Player. Just right click on the ISO & then play with VLC Media Player or open with & choose VLC Media Player.