Just wondering please how the IMGBurn software compares with CopytoDVD SE that you get as a bonus when buying 1click?
Thanks for any comments. :flower:

You can’t…Try Imgburn and see why the majority of us videofreaks use it…Course there’s also those that swear by ner0…Whatever burns your fancy…JM2.5 cents…

Hi and thanks for helping…
I would like to try it and if it’s good, would you think I should uninstall the other please? And, do I just simply download from the website?
Many thanks,
Angie :slight_smile:

There should be no need to uninstall anything ImgBurn is a very friendly program. Use the one hosted by ImgBurn.

This is the link to the official site. There are also links on that page to the guides.

I do not think you need to uninstall any other software.

I will try this and thanks heaps everyone!!

I’ve installed IMGBurn and have tried to copy some photos that I have on disc that was done by Rabbit Photos for me. For some reason I cannot view the disc on my Vista PC and cannot find how to open them another way. So I thought I would burn them again to another disc. I can’t do it! There are a few options for IMG which confuse me and I somehow (not sure how) burnt some photos that were already on my pc but I would just like to burn from one disk to another. Please help!