Hello All; I’ts been a while that I posted. I have a
question about Imgburn. Is it prefered over VSO?
and does DVDFAB support Imgburn? what are the
pros & cons?

Thanks for any advise

DVDFab works with ImgBurn.
As for the pros and cons, that’s something you’ll have to decide. Try them both.

It’s worth trying them both. I’ve never had an issue with VSO, but honestly i don’t use it that often.

[quote=7thSinger;2167893]It’s worth trying them both. I’ve never had an issue with VSO, but honestly i don’t use it that often.[/quote] They are both good and having a choice is always a nice option. I have been using the VSO engine for many years and I its never let me down, it produces quality burns and its good foprme. But that said, Imgburn is also excellent , its updated on a constant basis and does way more than just burn. So its really up to the user.

I have burned 100’s of movie with Imgburn and the same with Fab’s VSO…

If there is a difference in the results I would have stopped using one or the other long time ago…

Imgburn has many more options but that’s the only difference I can see…

I have always used the VSO burn engine and like Alan never had a problem from all the way back to ver 3

I was having some VSO problems burning DL DVD+R from Image Files (Iso) via the Write Data function. I did not have any such problems with SL.

So I downloaded ImgBurn and started getting familiar with it. At first it seemed a bit complicated but then I was able to peruse some online user guides and learned how to do what I wanted. I am now able to use DVDFab Clone method to create an Image File and then go into ImgBrun to burn the DVD+R DL without any problems whatsoever.

So for DL, I’ll stick with ImgBurn. I’ll probably even use it for SL since you can visually see your burn progress much more than just a %. But everyone has their own preferences. Since ImgBurn is free, why not download it and see for yourself which you prefer.