Since updating to 5030 and 5035 I’ve had problems with VSO not finalizing discs. (some I can finialize with PcSetup,:frowning: but some will not):sad:
So I starting using Imgburn:bow: Great program, works fine and I like all the options even though I don’t know how to use all them. :o
My question is :confused: Is there any way to have it go ahead and burn without having to click on the OK box that pops up? Guess I’m spoiled with the 1 click start to finish using VSO.

The new beta of DVDFab ( has an update to the VSO burning engine. Try that.

yes, in tools, settings, tick the dont prompt image details box. :clap:

edit// i ass-u-me you were talking about the ok box in imgburn, not the box from dvdfab asking for burn speed. also dvdfab and imgburn works best together with two dvd drives. with the dvd writer already having a blank media before opening imgburn.

Thanks Troy, I’ll try it tomorrow. I’d have never found that. And yes you did assume correct. I do use 2 drives. Lazy I guess.

no it not lazy it smart. This way you can go and do other stuff and not worry about putting a blank dvd in when dvdfab is finished copying the dvd

Not to mention it theoretically could improve the longevity of both drives. If you’re using one to rip and one to burn instead of one drive for both, it cuts down on the workload. In theory. :slight_smile: