ImgBurn Writing Speed Issues Please Help

I have the following Burner LITEON SUPER ALLWRITE DVD Writer: SHM-165P6S02C.

Windows XP Service Pack 2

When i burn on ’ Single Layer’ DVD (4.7GB)

It gives me the option ( main/first menu) of many writting speeds. But i can chosse 1X, 2X, 2.4X, 3X 6X, 8X etc.

But no matter what speed i chosse, it always burns at 6X. Im usin TDK-DVD-R (1-16X)

Please help.

Sam 8)

Please post a log.
Probably you only choose MAX speed…

Sometimes the author this program browses this forum, I doubt it is a bug in the program, this release has been stable for months, if there was a problem like this we would have heard about it by now.:iagree:

Thanks. For the clarification, cuz even if it burns lowest at 6X the image burned plays really well.

Sam 8)

for some reason my lite on burner has done the same thing in imgburn. I had to uninstall, then reinstall imgburn and then it burned at the speed i chose.

The SMART-BURN feature in LiteOn drives will lower the writing speed if it thinks the disc cannot be burned safely at the chosen/current burning speed.

My guess is that it’s SMART-BURN that’s limiting the burning speed in this case.

Try some other media (not the TDK 1-16x) and see if they burn at a higher speed; if they do, then it’s probably not ImgBurn that’s setting the lower burning speed but your drive.

Indeed, this is probably something the drive is doing.

ImgBurn will only ever set the speed that it says in the log. It’s down to the drive to respect that.

The program always tries to send data to the drive as fast as it can so the only thing slowing it down is the drive itself and the speed at which it will accept the ‘Write’ commands.

Hi :slight_smile:
If it was me. I’d disable all Lite-On utilities such as SmartBurn etc & clear the OPC history.
Then try another burn.

SMART-BURN is actually a good thing IMO, because it will limit the burning speed when it detects problems with a disc. It’s better to have a slower burn than to get a coaster at high speed.

For the sake of testing why the burn speed is only 6x, then turning off SMART-BURN and the other drive settings can help determining why the burn speed is limited, but I recommend turning SMART-BURN on again when testing is over.

Hi :slight_smile:
I am suggesting that, to either highlight or eliminate the drive to take this action.
Although personally I will not under any circumstances rely on SmartBurn etc. When looking for quality burns.
Each to their own. :bigsmile:
Vive la difference!