ImgBurn vs. Prolific: Cycle Tray Before Verify



I’m wondering if this is a known problem:

When using ImgBurn with a Firewire or USB2 optical drive, if “cycle tray before verify” is enabled, the program will get an error on sector 0 (no seek complete), when first attempting to auto-verify. Pressing retry then completes the full verify operation with no errors.

If auto-verify is turned off, a burn is made, the disc manually ejected, then re-inserted, and then a manual verify is done, there are no errors.

If auto-verify is turned back on, but “cycle tray before verify” is disabled, there are no errors.

If the exact same drive is removed from the enclosure and installed internally, and “cycle tray before verify” is enabled, there are no errors.

This is consistent behavior that happens with every single burn, no matter the media used.

It seems that somehow, when auto-cycling the tray of an external drive, ImgBurn is having some sort of communication problem that leads to the initial error. Maybe it’s not waiting until the drive is truly ready, or maybe it’s not sending the right commands, or maybe the commands are getting garbled. I did my test with a Prolific PL-3507 enclosure that has up-to-date firmware, but maybe the problem would not occur with an Oxford, Cypress, or other chipset.


I have burned countless DVDs in external burners in Prolific PL-3507 enclosures with ImgBurn and automatic verification, and I don’t think what you describe has happened to me even once.

Admittedly, I’m not using the latest ImgBurn, however.


The opposite problem we had many years ago with earlier cd nd dvd burners…

But what you describe never happened here too.