ImgBurn v2.1.0.0 released with massive changelog!

I just posted the article ImgBurn v2.1.0.0 released with massive changelog!.

LIGHTNING UK! used our news submit to tell us: “Just another new version for everyone to play with.” :slight_smile: It looks like there are a few changes, so we listed them below! This program is…

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simply -> leg-end :g

Thank you very much, LIGHTNING UK :g

Great job. Many burning program developers should take some lessons from you Lightning. :slight_smile: Thanks for this wonderfull program. regards, Stephen

Very impressive stuff, Nero is being used less and less by me now . Thanks Lightning :B

I agree . After using ImgBurn a few times I love it. I had bought Nero for the same reason but some how they got lost with all the bloat ( The only two things I use Nero for is encoding audio files and buring cd’s. Now down to one).

but you can only burn image files with imgburn…unless you create img files with nero first then use imgburn?

As of v2.0.0.0, ImgBurn has a new ‘Build’ mode that can create images from normal files on your hdd, or it can burn them direct to disc.

Dear me…I’ve never seen such dedication from a single program author…outstanding! Only possible feature I can think of, is on the fly build, queue feature, so I could queue up 2-4 build/burns w/o needing to be @ my computer. Simply wonderful programming.

ahh i guess i somehow missed that feature of 2.0…well thanks alot LIGHTNING UK! on a sidenote, i tried to overburn a dvd and it crashed windows :+ is this fixed now?

This isn’t for me to fix. Overburning is done at your own risk. Some drives can cope, some can’t. When they don’t, they tend to cause the entire I/O subsystem to hang - which I guess is what you’re calling ‘windows crashing’.

It’s already a great program. Just one more thing would make it almost feature complete. Please add the ability to create images from non-copy protected discs. I think you can do this without getting into legal troubles.

Yet another massive changelog and only up to ver 2.1? Nero changes less and go up a whole number! One thing I would really like would be CUE/BIN image support. I know you don’t seem too keen on this format (pretty sure I read that in the Imgburn forum) , but I can’t be the only one who would like this added?

How can this thing be any good? The executable is less than a meg in size? Heck, the changelog is almost bigger than the program. :):wink:
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Thanks for fixing the log problem, so it will append the log to a single file! Now I’ll be able to find my burns in one file and search for them in one file, too! :B

Quote from website: “If everyone who likes my program donates $2 (or whatever they can afford), I’ll be able get more drives working, test with more types of media and add more exciting new features!” If everyone who liked your program did that you would be a millionaire and I don’t think many people would begrudge you for that either :g