ImgBurn v1.2.0.0 released with many changes-added features

I just posted the article ImgBurn v1.2.0.0 released with many changes-added features.

LIGHTNING UK! used our news submit to tell us that he has produced another version of his program ImgBurn. ImgBurn can write most types of CD / DVD images and it supports all the…

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Still has random hangs on my system. Oh well, maybe that’ll be fixed by

I’m not using this anymore since they work together with Nic Wilson and his crappy DIP.

Pretty impossible to fix something if I don’t know a problem exists in the first place. That said, it’s only gonna hang when your I/O system makes it.

Thanks for the PoweRec thingie!:g

LIGHTNING UK! : rock on man… keep up the good work. wondering where the patch to enable it to save an ISO is? :d

where’s the feature to write VIDEO_TS folder

It was never going to be in this version. I hope to get something implemented for the next big release.

Hey LIGHTNING UK! I got 3540. How about an update? :slight_smile:

That would be a great update to this super program.

  • Hm. I use the program with a BenQ1640 for some time and never had any problem. If you do, maybe you should contact the maker of the program; - If you need some more features, you could ask for it. Nicely. (Usually works better, IMHO); - I find the tone of some of the reactions just plain appalling. Unless you paid for support you have no base to expect it and definitelly no base to demand it; - Thanks for the new (and the old) features, Lightning! just my 2c

Hey ‘Sambuy’ My comment was a joke as I was referring to Decrypter. Dont be so serious.

So what imgburn OPTIONALY works with dvd info pro i use imageburn and dont use dvd info pro and i dont intend to but i am not moaning about it working with it. This is a freeware program therefore you should apreciate what lighning uk has made available freely to anyone in this imagburn and dvddecypter in the past.