ImgBurn "Slow Loading Times"


I’ve noticed slow load times recently and not sure if it’s on my end or a problem with ImgBurn.

It’s slow to load splash screen and to finish loading the app. I’m talking about 1 minute load times. Once it has finished loading the ImgBurn runs fast like it usually does. I can choose my burner and select File,View,Mode,Tools etc…just fine. It’s only slow loading.

All my other programs load fast. ImgBurn is the only app doing this.

Do you have any ideas? I’ve been to you forum searching but have come up with nothing. I guess i’m the only one with this problem? Un-install and re-install?

I have clicked on the Default button in Settings and same thing.

Putting up the splashscreen is just about the first thing the program does. Once it’s up, all the forms load, then the splashscreen is closed.

If it’s taking ages to come up, it’s not anything in my code.

Try looking at your virus checker or any other software that might be examining things. It could just be that they don’t like UPX v3 compressed tools and take ages to scan them.

It’s very quick to load on my PC as well (literally a couple of seconds), just to let you know. :slight_smile:

I ran my anti-virus and came up with nothing as usual.

I believe i found the problem now. I installed an app called Spyware Terminator a few weeks ago. I thought i had turned off real time and somehow it was on and for some reason ImgBurn is the only app effected by it. Weird.

Sorry to have bothered you…have a good one.

:bigsmile: yeah you have to rub it in :stuck_out_tongue: j/k.

ImgBurn is probably the only app using UPX v3 :slight_smile:

If that app is something you want to keep using, just send them a quick email telling them to fix support for UPX v3 compressed apps because they’re taking forever to load.

It’s a free app. I notice other apps are faster also, so i guess it was slowing down other apps too, just not as much as ImgBurn.

Now my machine is faster than what i thought :smiley: I could have swore i turned off real time :doh:

Hey Rolling56, delete that app, it has caused problems for others that I know of also.

Sorry dear :bigsmile:…glad you found the culprit, though :wink:

and a culprit it is, Arachne. :iagree:

I thought it wasn’t running at all. I’ll remove it. I wasn’t using it anyway.

Now that i think about it i got that app from UDVD. Someone recommended it there.

I feel pretty stupid for not realizing that until now :doh: :bigsmile:

I just sent you 10 USD more (PayPal). Thank you for ImgBurn :clap: I use it all the time :smiley:

Received with thanks :slight_smile:

That was fast :slight_smile: It’s not a lot but it’s something. Have a good one.