IMGBurn - Setting Layer Break

My question deals with setting the layer break for IMGburn, and the seamless feature. First,

When setting the layer break, what does the SPLIP mean? Does the one that says no mean that is the best to use? Also, will there always a pause when the DVD mvoes to the second layer, what if the SPLIP says no? Is there anyway to know which is the original layer break?

Also, what is the seamless button? By selecting seamless will there be no pause when jumping layers, if so, why isnt this button selected?

What is the “verify” button when writing a disc with IMGburn? Should it be selected?

One last thing, I have read that there is some feature that keeps 32,000 (something, maybe kbs?) between the IFO and VOB (maybe some other term) that should be selected. Where can I make sure that is on?


I’m not sure about SPLIP, but Seamless indeed means that there will be no pause between the layer break. The drawback is, not all players support it, so it’s possible than you won’t be able to play the disc past the layer break.

Verify tries to read back data from the disc to ensure they are properly written. You can enable it, but i prefer to use the TRT function in CD Speed instead.

32K IFO padding is enabled by default AFAIK, you can check it on the Build page of the configuration panel (it’s near the left bottom)

It seems most modern players and even some which otherwise rigidly adhere to the specs, can play a seamless layer break. Try one and see.


If it’s not seemless, does it mean I have to press a button to play the 2nd part or it just takes a while to goto the 2nd part without user intervention ?

I have a DVD Player and I have a DVD 9 disk. Is it possible to tell from the DVD 9 disk, whether it was recorded seemless using some software ? When I play it on the DVD Player, I don’t see any pause, does it mean that the DVD Player is able to play a seemless disk ?

Thanks very much !

Is the seamless highly recommended and used?

Also what if their are several spots to pick the layer break? I backed up a wrestling DVD and it gave me 9 options to set the layer break. How does one determine which is best?

SPLIP = Seamless Playback Linked in PCI

SPLIP is often No for non-seamless at layer break for the current cell.

You can try the seamless option. This will change from ‘No’ to ‘Yes’. Test in various dvd players to see if there’s no pause and if it gets past the second layer. If everything’s fine, then by all means use the option. Note that even if SPLIP is ‘No’, on some newer dvd players you will not notice a pause since it has a large enough buffer. On older dvd players, you will likely notice a minor pause.

Given 9 options to choose the layer break, use the default one that is automatically highlighted by Imgburn. Otherwise, choose the one that has the highest rating, then a VobId change, then percentage equal to or close to 50/50, then lowest padding number.

If it’s not seemless, does it mean I have to press a button to play the 2nd part or it just takes a while to goto the 2nd part without user intervention ?

No to the first part of your question, yes, to the second.


Try looking here

Great responses guys.

I have another question. On the original disc that is being backed up, does the original have a layer pause? What I mean is, do original DVDs that are dual layer pause when switching to the second layer?

Of course, all DLs have.
It depends on the player/device if you can notice that LB change or not.

Well, almost all. AFAIK, some superbit DVDs do not (and of course, episodic DVDs are usually authored with the LB being at the start of an episode).

It’s bloody annoying though.


Thanks again.

Blutach, I see someone answered the question on IMGburn giving several different spots for the layer break. Whats your opinion on which one is best?

For example, IMGburn gave me around 9 selections to use as the layer break, all had a green star rating. However, only a few would let me preview the cell?

In the cell preview does that mean you can preview where the layer break is gonna be?

Thanks again guys, you are great.

Do read post 6 of this thread again BoSox2882. Toaddub’s advice is good.

You can’t preview the ones which are at the start of an IFO or BUP file, only those potential breaks which are in a VOB (with a VCID). As well, there can be some redundancy in the breaks listed by ImgBurn, so there may not be 9 real breaks.

In my mind, if you can get a whole VTS on a layer, do so (ie break at the IFO). That way, the player’s laser won’t be going back and forward, refocussing each time if you make a menu call for example.


Blutach (or anyone) could you explain these two options for layer breaks to me?

IMGburn gave me these 2 options for a layerbreak. The first is rated excellent and the second is rated good.

2068583-2068592 padding = 9 % = 51/49 [B]Start time = 00:00:00[/B] SPLIP = NO

2068583-2068592 padding = 9 % = 51/49 start time = 00:50:38 SPLIP = YES

In the first, with the excellent rating, could u explain to me the 00:00:00 start time? Shouldnt the layer break be around halfway through the DVD?

Also why is one NO for SPLIP, and one YES for SPLIP?

Thanks, hopefully these are the last of my questions.

Again Thanks

Not all info are shown. Post a screenshot of the layer break dialog showing the 9 options to have a better overview and provide better answers.

Those 2 options were for a different disc. IMGburn gave me those 2 options. The first got an excellent rating (and is the one I should use) and the second got a good rating.

What I dont understand is why in the one with the excellent rating it says - start time - 00:00:00??

Also why does one says SPLIP = No, and one say SPLIP = Yes?


Start time of 00:00:00 probably indicates it’s the start of V/C 1/1. Need more info: File/VTS, PGC, Chapter, Cell, V/CID. I would trust Imgburn’s rating, so go along with it.

Ok, I have attached the screen for the layer break, (hopefully I did it right). For this DVD it gives me 4 options. However, they appear to be 2 of the same for each. However, 3 are excellent ratings. This is where I get confused, because I have no idea which is best or how to determine it.


Either of the 3 excellent ratings is fine, but I would choose the first one. Follow the advice I gave previously when you encounter such situation.

Thank you, could u explain a bit why you would pick the first one?

“[B]then a VobId change,[/B] then percentage equal to or close to 50/50, then lowest padding number.”

What does this VobId change mean? and which is the padding number?

Also, IMGburn isnt automatically highlighting one of the options, I have to pick which one. Is there a way to have IMGburn default pick the best rating?

Again thanks.