ImgBurn producing coasters

Hi! I’ve decided to give ImgBurn a try, but the both discs are tried to burn (Pleomax MBIPG101-R04) ended as coasters. I know these are not the best quality media around, but they burn fine in Nero
My drive is a Samsung SH-S182D SB04.
The problem seems to be, that the writing speed suddenly drops near the end of the disc. The section burnt at this lowered speed is then unreadable (high PIFs and TRT fails - see attached graphs).

I attached a scan of media from the same batch burnt with Nero for comparsion.

What speed did you select in Imgburn and in Nero?

I don’t think that the culprit is imgburn, but the media. Try to do some more burns, I’m sure that you will obtain better results :slight_smile:

agreed…those discs u burn arent the best but 99% of the time when the speed drops at the end or at any time during the burn it’s due to the dye(quality)…dvd burners drop speeds when the disc can’t handle the speed…Method of correction i think…i’ve had a few do the same

try some verbatims or sonys or TY’s

Try using different drivers with ImgBurn (Settings/I/O). You have a number of choices: Patin Couffin, Elby, SPTI, ASPI, ASAPI… run some test to see what is best with your system. Also you can adjust the buffer recovery thresholds to see if that helps. I wouldn’t do that until you try other drivers.

8x both in Nero and ImgBurn (that should be clear from the attached pictures :wink: )

I have a 25 pcs cakebox of this Pleomax media. I burnt 7 of them in Nero without problems. Then i burnt two in ImgBurn and these two discs produced EXACTLY the same graphs (the speed drop/high pif occurs at the same position). After these two coasters i burnt one more disc in Nero, again without problems.
So i dont think its the media.

I dont want to waste more discs, when i get back my DVD+RWs from a friend i’ll do more tests.

I dont know if its related to ImgBurn, but some weeks ago i bought a bunch of MCC004 that i later RMAd. They had strange dots in the dye and burned poorly.
I tried two burn one with ImgBurn but the disc was unreadable. Then i burnt one with Nero. It was still full of errors and TRT was jumping around but the disc was readable. I thought then, that the second disc was not as damaged as the first one, but now i think it was unreadable because of ImgBurn.

i’ve had issues like that w/ cmc and ritek media only…i’ve had good results w/ MB media in the past but some drives definately don’t like it…it’s defects or inferior dye…do as stated above and try the different driver options but i think in the end it comes down to the discs…also…try at a slower speed…see what comes of it

Try burning at 4x the whole way and see if you get the same errors levels that you are on that last 300mb.

Maybe the drive is just awful at burning those discs at 4x.

As to why the speed is dropping… well that’s anyone’s guess.

You could try switching the ‘Write Type’ to incremental, that sometimes makes a difference - depending on the drive. All being well, DAO and Incremental should perform equally.

I can assure you it’s nothing to do with ImgBurn though - so to speak. Your drive controls the burn quality - end of story.

I have had no such problems with any version of Imgburn, it just keeps getting better and better, that said I only use Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden media, and only burn at 12X. I use all the default settings in Imgburn.:wink:

ImgBurn v1.3.0.0 burned very badly for me… I reverted to the previous version. Since that release, I haven’t had any issues.

That’s exactly the same for me.

i used verbatim discs and burned it but it opened my disk tray and said failed i am new to this stuff and have no clue what to do

i forgot to add it still works but there are some problems…

Post a burning log - that one might give some clues.

In the help menu there is an option to see the logs.