ImgBurn Problems

Hello all…

I got a legitimate copy of “Raging Bull” not so long ago, and because I feared to it’s safety I have decrypted it my coputer, and now it’s sitting as an ISO image on my HDD.

I want to burn it with ImgBurn, but I can’t. The “HDD->DISC” icon is grayed out, and it says “Device Not Ready (medium not present”. I have cheked it’s the correct drive (NEC3520AW, latest Liggy&Dee FW), and the Verbatim 8x DVD+R (MCC) is loaded in.

*** I didn’t use DVDShrink because the decryption was made through CloneDVD2, which shrinks it already. The image size is 4.34GB.

What to do? (I also have Alcohol120% and Nero if there’s no other way). :sad:

Thanks A LOT in advance.

muaddib :bow:

A little clarification please (sorry, but english is not my primary language).

ImgBurn don’t see the disc on the burner or don’t see the hard disc to load ISO file?

If you have other burning software installed then I’d try that to see whether that app can see the the blank DVD in your 3520. It might be a problem with burner.
I’ve certainly not had any issues with Imgburn.

Geno888 - ImgBurn can’t see the blank disc that is inserted (“Medium Not Present”).
TimC - OK, i’ll try Alcohol120%.

Hmm, now that’s hella weird… Alcohol120% doesn’t recodnize the blank disc either!

And it doesn’t read any other discs too! Just yesterday I have used CloneCD to copy my WindowsXP setup disc!

What to do? :open_mouth:


Does the drive recognize any dvd (pressed dvd) like a movie…

Does it still recognise CDs? The CD & DVD parts withing the burner are separate so if CD are still seen it’s possible that the DVD laser/mechanism has failed.

No! It does not recognise any DVD of any kind!
I have checked and everything seems fine (all cabels are at their place).
It is so weird because just yesterday it was completley fine.

I really don’t know what to do…

What’s the warranty period on the burner?

If it’s within warranty I’d flash back to an official firmware & return it for a replacement.

Yes, it’s fresh under warranty. I’ll try and see what I can do.

Thanks TimC.

WAIT! :eek:

It’s back on reading DVD’s! Now it can read everything, just like before - In fact, right now I’m burning my “Raging Bull” image to disc.
This is hella weird (actually, I hate when things like that occur, because I cannot know when such an incident like this will happen again). :eek:

It must have known you might replace it & decided to stop messing about.

LOL :slight_smile: I hope so… I wonder if it knew I was dreaming about a Benq DW1640 lately :smiley:

me i got the same problem but it can read dvd when i put a real dvd but when i want to burn with Imgburn or any other programe it does not work it say my disk is not good wtf i used to burn with that drive but now it doesnt work what should i do???

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sorry is it possible to dele my posted on the forum i did except my threads please am really sorry!

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