IMGBurn Problem

I keep getting this error message when I am using IMGBurn now. It used to work just fine but then this thing decided to start popping up.

What media are you using? It seems a problem due to a low quality disc

I’m using Verbatim discs, that I have never had a problem with in the past.

So you think the problem would be fixed if I bought a better media?

Verbatim are among the best media available (except for Pearl White series).

It’s possible that you got a bad batch of media, but to be sure you should try one of these disc on another drive.

Sorry, I don’t have other ideas right now :frowning:

Do you think that I could just have a problem with my drive? If so, I might try to milk a replacement out of HP.

It could be also a damaged drive. Did you do many sequential burnings? Some people “fried” their drive doing too much consecutive burnings without a little time to leave the drive cooling a bit.

To exclude a media problem, can you do a test with a different media? It’s not necessary to buy a box of 25, only a couple of media to do a test.