Imgburn overburn

how do i overburn using imgburn i have a sony dru 810-a

Overburn CDs or DVDs?


the media type i use is DVD+R

Only a few drive models will overburn DVD+R media, and no currently manufactured DVD burners will do so.

I’m can’t think of any DVD burner that will overburn DVD-R media.

If you have one of these drives, you can overburn DVD+R media:

BenQ DW1655, DW1650, DW1640
Plextor PX-760, PX-755, PX-716, PX712

There might be one or two more BenQ and Plextor drives that I missed, which also support overburning DVD+R.

If you have one of those drives, you can overburn in ImgBurn without having to do anything special in the software except confirm you want to overburn.

For the BenQ drives you will have to disable SolidBurn for the type of media you want to burn (known or unknown) since SOlidBurn will interfere with the overburning. You will also need to overburn by a significant amount, since small overburns of just a few MB don’t work IIRC.

Have a look in the BenQ DW1655/DW1650 overburning thread

If you don’t have one of these drives, you cannot overburn DVD+R media.

Your Sony DRU-810A is the same hardware as a BenQ DW1640, so it may or may not support overburning with Sony firmware. If overburning doesn’t work with Sony firmware, you may consider cross-flashing your drive with BenQ firmware. There should be a description on how to do this somewhere in the BenQ forum.

EDIT: There’s also a Sony DRU-810A[B]-R[/B] which is the same hardware as BenQ DW1650, and you don’t want to use the wrong firmware in a cross-flash, or you may kill the drive.

i need to overburn like 9 MB

[quote=r@hul;2145841]i need to overburn like 9 MB[/quote] Then you need to add at least 3 MB more, since the smallest possible overburn is 4494 MB (+12 MB).
See the thread that I linked.

Tough luck. You could try to use DVD-R media, which has ~6MB more capacity than DVD+R. But 9MB, if that figure is accurate, is a bit too much, and you’ll need one of those overburn capable drives DrageMester mentioned.

ok so how do i crossflash my dru 810-a to a BenQ DW1640 ?

[quote=r@hul;2145851]ok so how do i crossflash my dru 810-a to a BenQ DW1640 ?[/quote] [I]Use the Search, Luke![/I] :wink:
…and many more

sucessfully crossflash it to a BenQ DW1640 with BSRBRPC1 firmware

so now overburn should work now ?

update overburn worked on 34 mb extra than standard size so thanks 4 all the help