ImgBurn meddles with BenQ Test Write setting

I just discovered the usefulness of BenQ “Test Write” feature recently. It let me play with burning without really have the disc burned. Burning software is unaware that the burner is running in test mode. Thus you can use software which doesn’t have test mode like CDSpeed to get something like burn graph. Last week I tried ImgBurn. First I tried with a TYG02 disc. I enabled “Test Write” in QSuite and used ImgBurn to burn the disc at 12x and 16x speed to test my HD performance in transfering data. ImgBurn was unaware and burned the disc normally. Later I used a YUDEN000 T02 disc and this is where it went wrong. There was a dialog by ImgBurn saying the burner is in test mode and asked user to click Yes to do real burn or click No to do test burn. If you click Yes, ImgBurn will disable test mode and will not re-enabled it for you. That means the next burns will be real burns unless you go to QSuite and re-enable it again manually. This is kinda confusing. Because it doesn’t do that with DVD-R discs but only with DVD+R discs. Actually I don’t think it should meddle with this setting at all. The only way the drive can be in test mode is that when users go into QSuite and enable it manually. That means the users know what they are doing. ImgBurn turns that off (disable test mode) without any clear warning that it is gonna be off forever (at least until you reboot or standby the PC). I don’t know what others think maybe you see this as a good thing but I think this can cause confusion if you use it this way for the first time. But now that you know, so be careful.

By the way, I posted some results in this thread if you wanna see.