ImgBurn layer break

I’m new to ImgBurn and burning beyond the extremely user-friendly Nero. I’d greatly appreciate any help/suggestions.

I have some old files that I’ve ripped with DVD Shrink. The problem is, I’m not sure if I removed the layer or not. If I just burn the files with ImgBurn and let it calculate the layer break? or do I need to go back to DVD Shrink and remove the layer break so that I do not get multiple layer breaks?

Am I understanding this correctly?


I can answer partially to your question.

DVD Shrink removed the layer break, but I don’t know if imgburn is able to put it again in the right place, sorry :frowning:

The best option is to rip again the original disc with dvd decrypter in ISO mode, and then use imgburn to burn the ISO file. In this way you will be sure that the LB is in the correct place.

Thanks for the quick response! I tried what you said but I’m sill getting glitches. I think it’s my player that’s giving me problems. I have a Sony from '04 - do you think that may be too old? The funny thing is that these discs seem to play well on a (I think) first generation Panasonic DVD player I have.

Another question:
When you utilize the “Create DVD MDS file” featured in ImgBurn on a ISO file that doesn’t have an accompanying MDS file, how does the program create one?