A friend noted to me that IMGBURN was a good free, and useful tool to burn CDs and DVDs.

I’ve been playing with it for weeks, and kept wondering why I could never pass the 4x barrier I had come upon… after some inspection, if i were to change to any other I/O (well, only WNASPI32) I could reach 12x with no issues.

My question… has there always been a barrier when using patin couffin vs. WNASPI (the standard windows i/o)… I have not tried ASPI, ASAPI or ElbyCDIO, but would like to hear people’s voices on what is recommended…

I feel like a newbie, hope fully I posted this in the right spot :slight_smile:


oh, using a SH-S182D on USB, F: SB05; ND-2500A on ATA, F: 1.0B; RITEKF1 DVD-Rs; Patin Couffin v.

I’ve never used ImgBurn on anything other than the default SPTI-Microsoft, and never had problems with speed.