IMGburn I/O error?



While I was using IMGburn (which I think is a great program BTW) I got an I/O error and it’s at 92% burn ??? Wha ? the retry don’t woik? should I cancel?

Here’s a screenshot of the error …


That looks ominous, what brand of discs are you using?


Verbatim Securegard … 8x


Ah, OK, nothing amiss there then.

I notice you’re trying to overspeed them. Try burning at the rated 8x :slight_smile:


Ru ro looks like it was set to burn at 12x :eek: Does IMGburn adjust ?


Stoopid coffee


It sure does. Somewhere on the first window there is a drop-down box where you can select the burn speed. :slight_smile:


I meant does IMGburn adjust speeds on the fly? and I guess according to what I see answer would be NOPE :confused:


K so I restarted the burn in 8x and the filesize is like 400 MB over the disc size … that gonna be an issue?


No, you need to set the burn speed before you burn.

It’s always possible your drive itself will drop the speed mid-burn due to media quality etc, but with Verbatim I doubt that’s a problem.

Edit: Overburning is possible but I wouldn’t recommend it. I’d shrink the file down in the first place to fit about ~4300 MB.


Cool I get a chance to try DVD shrink LOL
I am waiting really patiently for the water kettle to click :rolleyes:

Hmm maybe I should click it on first:doh:


It originally failed because you were trying to overburn and your drive/media combo doesn’t allow for it.

That’s basically what the ‘LBA out of range’ error from the drive means.

Don’t worry about the speed thing, drives aren’t stupid. If you select a speed that the drive can’t handle it’ll just use the nearest one that it does support.


^ Straight from the Man himself :smiley:

I didn’t notice the filesize in the original post/pic :doh:


Ya once I did a shrink on it , IMGburn worked as good as ever … And my duh has taught me something, so the coaster was worth it :slight_smile: Thanks Arachne for your help as always … and Thanks LUK for the great program and the info… I R maybe a bit smarter today :flower: