ImgBurn: how to send builds to your recorders cyclically?

I’ve got a set of 37 files, all 1492MB long (x3=4476MB=full DVD), except the #37 that is smaller. They’re a partition backup done by Acronis True Image. If it matters, they’re in the root folder of a logical drive.

I want to record them to DVD’s (+RW x8 if it matters). I need 13 of them that I’ve ready. I’ve got three DVD recorders that I want to use cyclically: the Samsung would burn files #1 #2 and #3 in dvd#1, the Liteon files #4 #5 and #6 in dvd#2, the Asus #7 #8 and #9 in dvd #3, the Samsung #10 #11 and #12 in dvd #4, and so on.

I used to do this launching as many Nero Express instances as burners. Although manual, the process is quite simple, but it tends to have failures that I think I’ve tracked down to random fails whose fix require closing Nero Express instances (if not all instances) and opening them again.

I’d like to try ImgBurn’s queue instead. Here’s a guide about how to do it with ISO images:

(scroll down to “Queue Burning using multiple burners”)

question 1): I’d like to do it w/o doing intermediate ISO images. Is it possible? Can’t you queue *.ibb projects for instance?

question 2): The guide seems based in some ancient version of ImgBurn, so neither the v2.5.7.0’s interface is the same, nor I am able to find the way to open the window titled “ImgBurn Queue” in the guide. So even if I had multiple ISO’s, I couldn’t queue them. Does this window exist in v2.5.7.0? Is there an equivalent? If the functionality hasn’t been removed, could anyone please post the exact sequence of clicks/keyboard strokes/whatever you need to open the said window or equivalent resource from the “Ez Mode Picker…” window? :bigsmile:

question 3): Is there some version of ImgBurn better suited for what I want to do? Other app maybe?

As far as I can tell, you cannot queue ImgBurn Build projects (*.ibb files) - only disc image files.

The ImgBurn Queue window can be started from the View menu when in Write mode.

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I have only used the cue foe Audio CDs so I don’t have any idea if it will do what you want. Apparently the older version did.

The “Create Cue File…” is located in the Tools pulldown .
If that helps.

Edit: the Cue location posted by DrageMester looks correct.

Thanks! I was trying from the build mode…

I don’t know if you can put “any” file in a CUE sheet manually, with Notepad I mean. With ImgBurn you can only put audio it seems, and it also seems (searching in the net etc) that you can also put images (BIN, ISO,…), but not the raw files as far as I’ve been able to ascertain (yes, as ImgBurn can queue CUE’s but not IBB’s, I was trying to use CUE’s as a “forced” replacement of IBB’s, the ideal thing to queue for what I want, but it seems not possible).

If I had told Acronis to split the partition image in 4476MB files (1 file/DVD), could I queue and burn them this way, or if I write these files I could get anything but the desired result (because they’re just “any” files and not CD/DVD image ones)?

The Queue is for Write mode, not for anything to do with Build mode.

There’s no way to do what you’re after - apart from by writing a batch file.

I use ATI but haven’t tried to burn any to DVDs.
I used to do my backups with ATI to DVDS but switched to external hdd & haven’t looked back.
My .tib(true image backup) file to a hdd is the size of the OS. I choose not to compress.
These can be mounted with ATI & any file on the backup extracted as an actual file.

I have a very old backup I keep on DVDs . I never plan to use it but I could in theory. I checked one of those & it just had one .tib file per DVD od 4.37GB .
I’ve never created one but I suspect your 37 1492MB .tib files are from a “recovery” partition that ATI can create . Would that be correct ?

Nope. They’re a normal backup of a normal partition, totally created and controlled by me. The splitting in 1492MB files is custom: I didn’t want to touch the 2GB per file barrier that exists in some places and I wanted to be able to combine files from different partitions in a single DVD. Maybe it could be 1493 or 1494MB instead but with 1492 I avoid “forcing limits” and have some room for “auxiliary” small files.

I’d agree that external HDD’s are more confortable, but I’ve already got the DVD’s and they’ve got some advantages.

Btw I’ve already burnt them with ImgBurn and w/o the queue like I was doing with Nero: as many instances as recorders and manual builds (extremely simple anyway). I also recorded 3 more partition backups with a total of 61 files and 22 discs.

In short it has gone very well with only one failure with the Asus DRW-1814BLT that missed once the shift from 6x to 8x at about 25% of a full disc (its strategy). This was one of the fails that were more frequent with Nero. The other was my Liteon iHAS120 X not starting to record or doing it at like 3x, but this never happened this time. My Samsung SH-S202N never fails possibly because it’s PATA :stuck_out_tongue: .

Btw the Liteon formats DVD+RW 8x discs at 3x no matter what, in 17:40. The others do it with their “normal strategy” for writing these discs, at 6x first and 8x afterwards. Curiously, the Liteon writes at 8x from the beginning and says 8x is the only compatible speed. The other burners say 4x,6x,8x.