ImgBurn help



Hi can some one please point me in the right direction. I am looking for help for ImgBurn program.
Thank you


Perhaps some of the Guides at the ImgBurn site can be of help?!


Its actually a specific question, not a troubleshoot. I am puzzled because I have been able to burn in the past, but now when I have blank media loaded the program says that there is no media inserted.

I am just confused on where I can ask some one this question… I dont see a ImgBurn section in these forums; are there any forums that can assist me?


Do other burning programs (like Nero) recognize the blank disc ?


I just checked this and No, other burning programs do not recognize the blank disc. Weird, I burned a CD about 2-3 days ago. Can you offer any solutions?



Restore you system Windows registry to a week before reboot your computet and see if that resolve the issue if not then use Nero or other burning programs instead of ImagBurn.


Do a google search for a program called cdgone it may help


***Perhaps I should add that I recently wiped out my HD clean and reinstalled XP… I dont have any restore points.


Thanks for the suggestion but it didnt work… :frowning:


Start up in SAFE MODE. Try burning. What does happen?

Please post a logfile.


Then with all these burning programs wihich some are even free, why do you have to stick with ImgBurn when you have problem with?.


Perhaps Ive been unclear… NO burning programs recognize the blank disc. At the beginning of this post I thought it was just ImgBurn, but I realized thats not the case…


I assume you can read with the drive without problems… Do you have Alcohol or Deamon Tools installed ? These programs can make the system recognize recordable media as pressed commercial discs.


If your drive is not able to recognize any blank media, maybe the burning software have nothing to do with this issue. It could be a damaged drive.

Can you try to install that drive on a different computer? In this way you can exclude any software issue: if the drive is not working also on a different computer, than it is damaged


Can you see the drive when you open My computer?
Did you installed WinXP with SP2 or just WinXP?
Did you check your drive in Device Manager if there are any question mark there?
Try to uninstall the drive in Device Manager and restart computer by turning off and on (no Restart), it will reinstall your drive.
Maybe something went wrong during original installation.


What specific drive are you referring to?


Your DVD burner.


Umm okay I am very much confused right now so please bare with me!

Before I could try and reinstall the driver I figured to try putting in a blank disc into the CDR drive on my laptop. The burner I had been using previously was an external Sony CD/DVD burner. The one in my laptop is a CD burner.

Well I put the blank disc in and right away the computer recognized it. I was able to burn a CD using Nero.

Still, the computer does not recognize blank media in my external burner, which is the one I primarily use and is the reason for this thread!

But I figured that maybe this will give someone more information into what is specifically wrong here… thank you to everyone for their kind support and help!


I think they are talking about the drive you are having the problem with, some times uninstalling a burner/drive and re-installing it will fix the issue you are having(but not always)


How would I go about uninstall/reinstalling an external burner?