ImgBurn Help/Problem

Hi all, it’s been a while and greatly appreciate all ur help!! In my little HP Pavilliom a1600n. I had a Pioneer 216d and a Lite-On Ihas 324-08 and ImgBurn R$an with no problems. I could change the write speeds and it would work fine. I have judt recevied a Lite-on Ihas 424-98 and switched it with the 324-08. Now is nothing but stress, I go into discovery and make sure everything set to 8x (meaning my disc ID for a Verbatims DVD+R 16x) I run at half speed.Now when I make up a back up in Fab and use ImgBurn it keeps running at 20x max. I can’t get it to run at the speed I want. Then I removed it thinking it was a bad burner and now my 216d won’t run where I want it. It keeps running at max speed. I put the Ihas 424-98 in a different computer and it runs fine. I tried uninstalling re-installing ImgBurn 2.4 which I orginaly had and 2.5 and still the same problem. Can anyone point me in the right direction to fix this problem? Would I have to go into the registry and delet stuff and if so, what would it be? Or is fab corrupted? Can anyone plz help! Im so stressed im shaking!!:a

How do I move this thread? I was in the software section in the ImgBurn part asking this question and it sent it here?

Just checked: nobody moved your thread, so I did. It is in the ImgBurn sub-forum now :slight_smile:

Thank U!!!

Obviously, im the only one that’s had this problem! I did a clean uninstall of DvdFab and uninstalled Imgburn and deleted the registry and reinstalled everything fresh. Im still having the same problem both drives r running at 20x! Everythin says in ImgBurn 8x what I set it to. I don’t know what to do! Even deleted upper and lower filters.:a Any suggestions please!!!

Have you tried setting DVDFab to output to the hard drive instead of burning? Then burn the resulting dvd video separately using ImgBurn at 8x. See if that will work.

I was having the same issue(max burns) when I’d set Fab to burn via Imgburn…Now I just backup to HDD then burn externally…I actually prefer it this way anyhow…
Good tip Kerry56, as usual!..
I’m just being lazy to check my settings and see/figure out why…

Thank u, all for the feedback!!! I got Fab and imgburn clean uninstalled and reloaded it and it’s working again! Thanks all for the help!!