Imgburn & DVDFab



I read about imgburn in one of the forums. Maybe I misunderstood something. I downloaded imgburn under the impression that it is to be used in conjunction with DVDFab not in lieu of. Was I misstaken? If I purchase the DVDFab, which I intend to once I try it with the TY DVDs (and my recordings are compatible with my DVD players), will I need imgburn? If not, should I uninstall it from my HDD? Now I feel like a real dummy!:o


you do not need ImgBurn for burning with dvdfab. dvdfab gold and dvdfab platinum come with VSO burn engine installed.

you can however choose to use ImgBurn or Ner0 for burning from dvdfab settings. you do need to have them pre-installed.

i recommend installing and using ImgBurn with dvdfab and not the included VSO burn engine. once you get used to using ImgBurn there are many other great features besided burning that ImgBurn can perform.

here are a couple tutorials i made which may help.



With DvdFab you can use one of three burning programs as your option to burn DvdFabs output to a blank Dvd, (recommended Verbatim or TY, Taiyo Yuden). ImgBurn, Nero or VSO. Personal recommendation would be ImgBurn. Here is a manual option that might show you a different way you can go. Posts #67 to #74, but please read Post #78.

EDIT: what troy said, boy I am a slow typer.