ImgBurn DVD DL Layer Break Setting Right?

wanted to burn few DVD DL with Img Burn.i was told this

go to layer break & make it user defined & enter “1913760” without the quotes.
keep write method DOA & booktype dvd-rom.

is this Right & Advisable ? … looking for a Good Burn

bump go help

The layer break is calculated based on the amount of data you want to burn on a disc. Forcing a value for any disc is not a good idea.

What do you want to do exactly? Where you got that value of “1913760”? Who said that you should use that specific value?

i think thats the layer break value you use if your burning an xbox 360 backup image to a dual layer disc.

Was told by one of my friends …about “1913760”…i guess Defualt settings will do good ?

If you don’t give more information it will be very difficult to answer. What are you trying to burn exactly? How did your friend calculate that value? How big is the file? Do you get an error from ImgBurn when it calculate the LB?

I do wish people would stop recommending the setting should be fixed on a certain value, that’s not how it’s supposed to be used.

It’s meant as a 1 off thing for power users.

Once you’ve fixed it on a custom value, it’ll use that for everything you ever burn - regardless of correctness. If you forget to change it from this fixed value when you burn a different DL project, tough, you just burnt a potential coaster.

If you leave it on Auto, it’ll use the LB value as taken from the .DVD or .MDS file, and if no such thing exists, it’ll try and find the best one by scanning the content of the image (or files if you’re using Build mode).

So basically, leave it on auto and trust the program that made the image and/or ImgBurn to do what’s right.