ImgBurn DL layer break?

I’ve been using DVD Decrypter (w/ PcgEdit plugin), DVD Shrink and ImgBurn for single layers for a couple years. Now I have a dual layer burner and the following error is what I get. Shrink is set to DVD-9 with “remove layer break” unclicked. ImgBurn is set to calculate optimal for layer break. Does anyone have a suggestion?

At this stage you cannot burn a dual layer disc via dvdshrink using imageburn but if you wait imageburn ver 2 is coming soon which will have a read file mode create iso
ability . If you cant wait use dvddecryptor iso read iso write
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If you know that you are going to burn a dual layer disk. Use DvD Decrypter with AnyDvD and Iso read your image. DvD Decrypter will create two files for ya. A Iso file and a Mds file. Now use Imgburn. You can go two ways here. One is that you can Iso write via the Mds file, the Mds file contains info on the layer break and will be exactly how it was on the original DvD. Two you can Iso write via the Iso and let Imgburn do it for ya.

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Thanks everyone! I discovered that DVDD will burn DL media. I’ll use this for now while I’m learning the details of DL media and wait for ImgBurn v2!

If you are going to get into DL media burning you should also understand what booktyping (bitsetting) is as well.

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Using DVDD isn’t going to be any different to using ImgBurn.

You’ll still get all the same problems (and more), only it won’t tell you about them.

Still, that’s your choice I guess.

Thank you L UK! :clap: I took a walk through your forum and discovered that I need to get educated on the features of PcgEdit. (other than the sony plugin)

I’ve read a few threads about now Nero incorrectly places the layer break info on a Dual Layer DVD and when played back on a standalone DVD player it will freeze at the at the end of L0 and not switch to the 2nd layer. Can anyone confirm this?

Yes, Nero is not reliable in burning DL media as it does not honor the LB position even if it is set already because it’s using its own internal calculations. Use Imgburn instead. But I guess your question has already been answered here: :slight_smile:

Yeah, but there were some minor details I wanted confirmed. I posted on 2 boards because I wanted to get a faster response.

What if the ISO I downloaded had it’s layer break removed? Will Imgburn create one or do I have to manually create it myself?

Like in this picture where the Layer Break is misplaced.

Sorry, I can’t comment on downloaded material. It’s against forum rules.

He did not say that He downloaded anything. He said what if?

So the answer to the question is yes.

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How does Imgburn determine the grade of the layer break? Is there a way to edit the layer break to make it come up as “excellent” in Imgburn?

It would have to be the first cell in a pgc, with the splip flag set to false.

That or the start LBA of an actual file that wasn’t in the middle of a vts set.

So basically you can’t really change anything to make them excellent, they’ll either be excellent or they’ll be some rating below that.

If you had a first cell in a pgc with splip = true (if that’s even allowed?), imgburn would set it to false anyway, so you’d go from ‘very good’ to ‘excellent’ with you having to do anything to it beforehand.

Has there been situation where an IFO is in L0 and its VOB is in L1?

How do I know when the physical LB is at the start LBA of an IFO as the Layer Break dialog box only specify the potential LB cell(s) in the VOB?

Curious, what does SPLIP stand for? I know it’s an indicator whether the cell is being set as seamless or non-seamless. Correct?

I believe the first cell of a pgc must be non-seamless, cell type flag 2, in most cases.

ok, found it. “Seamless Playback Linked In PCI”

If there are any files that can be positioned correctly for a layerbreak, it’ll list them.

Most the details will say ‘N/A’ because obviously the don’t apply.

The ‘VTS’ column will say the file name.

Thanks for the reply. I found an episodic DVD that has this example. In fact, there are several excellent possible positions that are shown, only if the dialog window is sizable but I realize it’s not necessary but it’ll be nice.

I’ve made it sizable now :slight_smile: (New release due this weekend)

Looking at the size of the scrollbar though, I’m not sure that’s going to help much in this case!

Could I modify the VTS file with another progam make it the first cell in a pgc? Is this possible? I want to set the LB to playback without noticable pause, as if the entire DVD9 disc was played back on a DVD5 disc.

I’ve experienced this on a few DVDs I’ve played recently where I do not notic the layer break at all compared to blockbust DVDs where I notice my standalone DVD “seek” the 2nd layer for a brief second.