ImgBurn - controlling fade-in, out

I’m running an HP Pavilion laptop with a Pentium 4 running at 3.2Mhz. The operating system is Windows XP w/service pack 3. Windows Media Player is version 11.

I have managed to back up my entire music collection to my hard drive and therefore will be creating playlists on CDRW disc. I have no problem doing this w/Windows Media Player but this program is severely limited with respect to controlling the transition from one song to another. One specific irritation is the 2-second break between tracks that is often not appropriate and there is no way to get rid of it.

My experience level is very low but I have done a lot of reading and investigation and I’m fairly confident my questions have not been addressed at least directly. I know other programs can get around the 2-second break but I need more information than I’ve found so far.

I have downloaded ImgBurn 2.4.1 but have not yet experimented with it because I want to know if it will do what I need to have done. There’s always a learning curve that’s to be expected but I would like to know in advance if my needs will be met with this program before I start spending time with it.

Specifically, I want to create CDs from playlists. I need to be able to control fade-ins, outs and crossfades. Moreover, it is not enough to just have one setting for all the songs. I want to be able to be to apply different settings for each song: a crossfade from song 1 to song 2. Then a long fade for track 2 and no fade-in for track 3 etc.

If IMGBurn does not address these issues, I would appreciate knowing which software, if any, can do what I’ve described. I don’t mind spending money if it’s necessary.

Thanks for your time and patience.

ImgBurn doesn’t crossfade your songs.

It’ll burn them without inserting any gaps though, so if there’s no silence at the beginning / end of the track then it’ll play straight through without any break in the sound.

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Try having a look at J. River Media Jukebox (it’s free) or J. River Media Center (Shareware). These should be able to cross-fade between tracks that you burn.

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Thanks very much for the help. I will download the latest version of Imgburn and I’m checking with the J River folks for more information about their “intelligent” playlists.:slight_smile: