Just re-installed Windows and “cleaned up” my Software archive, and now is down. :doh:

Anyone know anything?

It’s down for me as well :eek:

Moving to the CD & DVD Burning Software forum…:slight_smile:

:eek: it’s down for me too :frowning:

Also recognized this today. Alternative download here.

Thanks kalas. They must be having server problems, it happenes to all sites from time to time.:iagree:

Hi :slight_smile:
Another alternative with more than one download site is here.

Does anybody know what happened to the ImgBurn website. I haven’t been able to connect to it for the last 3 days.
Thanks, budzos

Sorry, I just noticed there is already a thread on this already

According to someone from who has talk to someone from it’s a server problem.

So we will just have to wait and see.

:cool: :cool:

The website is back up now.

The whole site is down again since 23 November (yesterday)? :frowning:
Right when I needed to read the forums about burning double layer discs. has been shut down by MPAA because the software distributed via the website allows to backup copyrighted content :bigsmile:

Works for me :bigsmile:
No problem here in .DE :slight_smile:

I get a “The conection has timed out. This webpage is taking too long to respond” on Firefox on 2 PCs, and similar one on Internet Explorer. :open_mouth:

Hi,[QUOTE=sorensen721;1937925]I get a “The conection has timed out. This webpage is taking too long to respond”[/QUOTE]Then your ISP has a problem :wink:

Restarted my LINKSYS router and it loads fine now. Thanks for the quick replies! Thumbs up.