IMGBurn Changing the Book Type

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I’m having a problem burning games with the IMGBurn. Everytime I try switching a book type, i always get a “failed” pop up or something like “incompatible medium”. So then I was hoping it would automatically work by skipping through the book type and that didn’t work. At first I used the verbatim disc and it got upto 92% and stopped. Now i’ve been using memorex discs and one of them was a success but when I put it in my xbox 360, it says “open tray”(my xbox 360 is flashed). My laptop is a G62-2228CL Notebook and my drive is a:
HP CDDVDW TS-L633n 0300 (It is a LightScribe Super multi 8x DVD+/- RW with Double Layer Support). Any Ideas?

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there are two possible issues:
a) Samsung (TSST) drives don’t report back the Book Type status, so ImgBurn returns a “failed” message. Nothing to be worried about.
b) TSST drives do support bitsetting, but this is not necessarily true for OEM versions. At least some Dell versions do not support bitsetting, perhaps this applies to your HP OEM drive also.


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Sorry everyone. I found out my driver…well i’m not sure but I dont think it can burn dual layer discs so now i’m using my bro’s laptop and i’m not having anymore problems. Thanks!

Actually a driver is software, you mean a DRIVE.

Using memorex media is wasting time & money.