Imgburn cant find cell for layer break

I am getting a error that says

"Unable to find any cells that could be used for the layer break!

Now would be a good time to start crying, because technically, this is the end of the world.

Do you want to continue anyway?"

Any ideas on what to do? Thanks

Post your log please. Your DVD may not be properly authored and you may need to split a cell.

If this is a commercial DVD, it is inconceivable that the LB can not be positioned.


What log should I post? It is saying this in the build part of the burn.

The IB log - see help menu. Or copy and paste the whole log from the log window (press L to show it).


Well I dont get it, but I had accidentally left a already burned disk in the drive when I was setting it up to build. When I realized the mistake I put a blank disk in the drive and voila. So I ended up able to burn the disk. I never before have had this problem, but that is maybe because I had left the original disk in the burner and then it just says no blank media present as the error.

Did I mention I am not to smart anywhere in my first post.

No, you didn’t. But glad you solved the problem. Generally, the log tells all :slight_smile: