IMGBURN burning failed after upgrading to Windows 7

I’ve had this same configuration for a couple of years without any problem. However, I recently upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit from Windows Vista 32 bit. I downloaded the latest version of IMGBURN and tried to burn a DL image, but it will barely even get started. I just keep getting “NO ADDITIONAL SENSE INFORMATION”. Any ideas?

maybe a media problem, have you also changes the media type and if not, have you tried another media of the same or another batch?

ImgBurn and DL are problematic if you do not use certain media like Verbatim.

Read through the imgburn forum and you will find answers which media are good enough.

It could be controller drivers. What chipset do you have?

I tried burning a straight up DVD-R and I’m getting the same errors. I actually continually hit retry (maybe 100 times!) and got a successful burn. But then last night I got a BSOD memory dump during the Verify process. It must be a hardware problem. Maybe the cable?

[QUOTE=rivanvx;2469708]It could be controller drivers. What chipset do you have?[/QUOTE]

Intel P965, it’s an HP m8120n

Sure, try changing the cable, but does anything else trigger weird behaviour? I would definitely do a memtest just to be certain that everything else is working. BSOD in modern Windows OSes usually means hardware issue.

Intel has good drivers for chipset, so that’s not an issue here.

But, while at it, I also had weird issues on GeForce 8200 motherboard with Windows Vista 64-bit (haven’t tried 7) and ImgBurn, where burning just stopped halfway and I would have to reboot to eject media.

What connection does your burner use? IDE or SATA?

The 965 chipset doesn’t have/support an IDE port so if your drive is IDE, it’ll be on a 3rd party controller - and that’s where dodgy drivers could come in.

If it’s SATA and your controllers are in AHCI/RAID mode, make sure you install the latest Intel Matrix driver from their website.

It’s an IDE burner that’s a holdover from another computer. I have it connected through a VIA VT6421 card. I actually found an updated controller for the VIA card which is Windows 7 64 bit compatible, but it didn’t help at all.

It’s still acting like it’s media related. IMGBURN finds the drive immediately when it’s empty but sometimes has trouble finding it when there’s a blank disk in it. If I put a disk in it after I open IMGBURN, it takes forever to pull up information about the disk.

However, the issue didn’t start until I upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit from Windows 7 32 bit (the 64 bit OS allows me to use more RAM on my computer). Also, it happens with my DL media and my plain old DVD-R’s as well. Oh, and it’s the same disks I was using before the upgrade.

I’m starting to give up. I ordered a new Samsung burner that I’ll try when it arrives.

The 965 chipset doesn’t have/support an IDE port [/QUOTE]this does not apply to the mobile version of i965 chipset.


It turns out it was the driver for the VIA controller. I found an updated driver that was supposed to be Windows 7 64 bit compatible, but it didn’t solve the problem. Then I noticed the setup program wasn’t installing the right version of the driver. So I extracted the driver installation file. Then I uninstalled the driver. Next I reinstalled the driver pointing to the extracted folder. This time Windows found the best driver from that folder. Now it is working like a dream. Thanks for the help guys!