IMGBURN Burn Speed - The Experts Challenge

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I would be SHOCKED–PLEASED–DELIGHTED and very very GRATEFUL if anyone can answer the following question


I made 2 copies of the exact same film with the exact same burning conditions

Burn 1

Total Time 12m 23s -Max Speed 6.2x - Average Speed - 5.2

Burn 2

Total Time 19m 16s -Max Speed 6.2x - Average Speed - 3.1

Can anyone explain why the second burn took nearly 7 Minutes longer to complete

All suggestions are welcome

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There are at least two possibilities:[ol]
[li] The burn speed is slowing down because there are defects on the DVD disc that the burner is trying to accomodate.[/li][li] Your hard drive is fragmented and not supplying data fast enough to the drive to allow it to burn at max speed[/li][/ol]You can check no. 1 by downloading CD-DVD Speed, doing disc quality scans on the two burned discs, and comparing them. No. 2 would show in ImgBurn by the data buffers fluctuating a lot and falling below 50% during the burn.

Ritek G05 can be pretty bad media so my guess would be that that was the source of the difference in burning time.

Many thanks

I thought Ritek G05 was good media

What media would you recommend?

Ritek G05 has unfortunately proved to be a generally unreliable medium, mainly because it doesn’t have a great longevity. However the initial burns usually look good, which is why I suggested you look at those particular discs yourself. There are batches of G05 which have proved to be better than others.

You can have a look in the Blank Media section of CD Freaks and do a section search for ‘Ritek G05’.

Edit: also see here

If you want to buy by brand, then Verbatim is a solid recommendation. More expensive but you get what you pay for; more so than ever these days.