Imgburn and zip files

I installed imgburn 2.4 when it came out. Yesterday i was installing ner0 8, I uninstalled 7 then went to use the clean tool zip and it kept trying to open with imgburm then saying wrong files or something. I noticed then that all my zip files had the imgburn icon. So i had to uninstall it so xp could open the zip file. This is wierd!!!

Probably the nero installation did some mess.

Try this. Select any zip file, right click on it and select [B]Properties[/B].

Then select the [B]Change[/B] button, and finally select the application you want use to open zip files. This should solve :slight_smile:

Thanks geno888 But i t wasn’t the nero install that did it , it was the imgburn install that did it. because it did ti before the nero install, it did it when i tried to open the nero clean tool zip to uninstall nero 7. Anyway i just wanted people to know in case they have the same problem, just remove imgburn. I don’t use a spiecial program for my zip files , i use the one built in to xp, works for me

This actually happens when a program makes itself the default program with all the files and then something else messes that up. It’s NOT ImgBurn doing it.

ImgBurn is obviously not interested in zip files but it might have had to add an entry to a more generic key so that it’s own ‘Burn using ImgBurn’ entry would be visible on the context menu for the files it IS interested in.

i.e you might see the following in regedit under HKCR:

‘.iso’ -> default shell extension ‘SomeProgram.Image’
’.img’ -> default shell extension ‘SomeProgram.Image’
’.zip’ -> default shell extension = ‘SomeProgram.Image’
‘SomeProgram.Image’ -> details of how to open that program.

ImgBurn would have to hook into the ‘SomeProgram.Image’ one. It would NOT touch the ‘.zip’.

The mess was caused by another program and you’re the only person that can find out which one that is.

Have you looked at the zip program itself & it’s file associations? I know for example that WinRar when you install it, you have to uncheck ISO & JAR which are checked by default on install. If you don’t it creates a real mess.

Thanks for answering, I did cure the problem by uninstalling imgburn, running the clean tool zip, then reinstalling imgburn. this time it did not associate itself with the clean tools zips that i have. Everything is okay now. The problem maybe to the fact that i do not Associate any programs to my zip files, I use the built in xp. i do not have any programs Like winzip or anything. So i guess it just found an unassociated file like you said. Any way Thanks again and keep up the Good work that you do.