ImgBurn and DW1640

Starts up and hangs. Anyone else have this problem?

Nope works just fine try checking your ASPI files.

Works fine for me.
WinXP SP2, Aspi 4.60

try this: download nero aspi download it to the imgburn folder (C:\Program Files\ImgBurn) then goto start>>run>>regedit navigate to hkey_current_user\software\imgburn and double click IO_Interface change it to 0 and click ok ,close the registry editor and run imgburn

i also have problems with imgburn with my dru-810a. the lead-in is wrote but the image is never written and numerous write rewrites. you have to cancel the burn and a shiny new coaster is produced.

on nero everything is ok. compilations, images, videos, etc.

Try changing the drivers you are using in ImgBurn under settings —> I/O.

Thanks phil_ and Dalen Quaice, but I’m still having some problems. I added that registry key and downloaded the Nero ASPI to the folder, and instead of starting up, loading SPTI, and freezing, it started up and loaded the Nero ASPI, but then froze as soon as I tried to get into the Settings menu and poke around.

Try loading it in safe mode and and see if you can change it settings from there & try installing CopyToDVD (trial version will suffice) as it will install the Patin Couffin driver which can also be used by Imageburn.

Also try the old force aspi 4.60 prog as that can sometimes correct a messed up ASPI install as well.

You can also get the Patin Couffin driver from installing VSO Inspector, a freeware utility a bit like Nero InfoTool.

Does the ImagBurn have the ripping capability or just the burning tolls?. I have not been able to use it just like DVD Decryptor to rip and write, does any one has the same problem?.

Hmm, I’m thinking it’s not worth it. My ASPI layer is fine and DVD Decrypter works okay.

ImgBurn is burning tool, it has no ripping ability. Btw, works great for me :clap:

on my sony dru-810a the booktype after i burn a dvd+r is still dvd+r

Well if your not concerned about the warranty why not crossflash it to BSLB if Sony ever release an update you should be able to go back if need be.