Imgburn and dvd Shrink help

Can someone give me a quick how to do list on how to make a iso file from a avi using imgburn and then how to use dvd shrink to make a dvd from the iso file. I look at both and it made no sense to me. Thanks for any help.

DVD Shrink won’t work on an .avi file because it’s probably MPEG4- rather than MPEG2-encoded.

Try this instead:

Step 1: Convert the .avi to MPEG2 with the program of your choice (do some reading around on

Step 2: Author the MPEG2 file to a DVD-Video folder (Video_TS) using something like DVD Styler (freeware)

Step 3: Burn the folders to DVD disc with ImgBurn in ‘Build’ mode.

I saw bbmpeg as a program that can use, but comments said it was very slow. Is there any other freeware program that can do this?

I download bbmpeg and try to use it and each time it said that it found a error and must closed. It has the xp patch. Does anyone knows what to do or another program like this?

Also will imgburn shrink the dvd to a 4.7 dvd disc or do I have use dvd shrink after burning it with imgburn.

OK… I suggest you look here for step 1:

Maybe it’s an easier way to buy a standalone able to read also AVI movies.

These days there are many models rather cheap :slight_smile: