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Woot… LUK did it again! The new version of ImgBurn has been released today. Some of the most interesting changes/fixes in the version are the following:

The program now identifies...
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in Simpsons Comic Book Guy Voice Best…free program…ever.


Its about 100x better than every retail burning app on the market.

The fact thats is also free makes it truly something remarkable.


yeah if youhave ever tried to download a free burning app on the net, they mostly are a joke. Imgburn is awesome!!


LUK! is the man!! This is an awesome release and makes ImgBurn even better. I wouldn’t be caught dead without it on my systems. From time to time I use other programs, as well, but, ImgBurn has NEVER let me down. If you haven’t tried it, you owe it to yourself to do so. Awesome awesome program!!


Agreed wholeheartedly! I hope users will send in donations to help the writer keep up the great work!


Thanks to IMGBurn, I no longer need to install Nero, so I can keep my system lean. If you can afford it, please support the author with a donation.