ImgBurn released



Changelog: Released: Thursday 12th April 2007

Added: Support for Lite-On drives to the ‘Auto Change Book Type’ feature.
Added: Loading an IBB via CLI no longer requires a path. It’ll use the current working directory if one isn’t specified, making it a bit more portable.
Added: ‘/OUTPUT’ as an alternative to ‘/BUILDMODE’ for a command line argument.
Added/Changed: If Build mode detects the file ‘I386\NTLDR’, it will automatically enable the ISO9660/disable the Joliet options of adding versions numbers to file names.
Changed: None of the build mode ‘text’ options will be changed if an IBB doesn’t actually specify a value for that field.
Changed/Fixed: Disabled ‘Auto Calculate’ whilst adding files / folders to the source list from an IBB file specifed via the CLI.
Fixed: Incorrect signature matching (due to new FAT16/FAT32 file system detection code) on some images made them look odd sizes and have weird sector modes/sizes.
Fixed: Drag + Drop of a folder containing an .ISO and a .MDS file (of the same name*) should have been filtering out the ISO and just adding the MDS.
Fixed: The ‘Remove All’ button in the ‘Write Queue’ window wasn’t being enabled when it should have been.


And I’ll add that it fixed a major bug that the previous version had, where it was recognizing standard 2048 byte .ISO images created by DVD Shrink as being 2336, which mangled the resulting burns.


Yup, silly me!

It wasn’t on all images though which is why I didn’t spot it in the 2 mins of testing I did having added the fat16/32 stuff in the last minute.

And it’s actually covered by the first ‘Fixed’ item.


Yes I knew that it was addressed in the first item in the list of fixed things, just wanted to give an example in ‘laymens’ terms what was occuring. :stuck_out_tongue: I was going to download the previous version ( as I was having problems with some of my ISOs and saw that you had just posted an update that included the fix. Thanks for quickly addressing the bug.


all hail LIGHTNING UK!, awesome burning program :slight_smile: thanks for the update


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Hey LIGHTING UK can u please tell me why ImgBurn doesn’t include the creation of CD/DVD images? I can undertand why you had to discontinue the development of DVD Decrypter due to legal reasons but couldn’t u have included a feature to create CD/DVD images and exclude the decrypting feature that was present in DVD Decrypter?


Creating images is a part of ImgBurn in the latest releases!

There is Build Mode for creating an ISO image from files and folders (you can also use Build Mode to burn directly), and there is Read Mode to create an ISO image as a copy of a non-encrypted CD/DVD.


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Sorry but I didn’t know. Thanks for the info DrageMester.


Thanks for the great program that just keeps on getting better [B]LUK[/B].


Thankyou LUK, you are truely one of the great contributors in this field. I thankyou for all you have done.:clap: :clap: :clap:


Sorry for the noob question, but what is this feature? :o

Added: Support for Lite-On drives to the ‘Auto Change Book Type’ feature.


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Basically it was designed so Samsung / LG drive owners didn’t have to remember to check/change the bootype settings with every burn if they wanted DVD+R to DVDROM etc.

Even though Lite-On drives are obviously capable or remembering user settings (unlike LG and Samsung), various posts on my forum have proved that most people just don’t know what they’re doing and haven’t a clue about bitsetting.

For this reason, I decided to add Lite-On drives to the list, so that now each time you burn it will automatically booktype the + format media to DVDROM.

Newbies need not worry about messing with eeprom based booktype settings, the program now takes care of it (only not writing to the eeprom each time of course!).

The feature can be turned off by those people that know better and prefer to do things manually.


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