ImgBurn released: Now it can create ISO files

I just posted the article ImgBurn released: Now it can create ISO files.

LIGHTNING UK! released today, his latest version of ImgBurn. This well known and appreciated program is one of the best burning softwares available, and thanks to the author it’s…

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Holy hell that’s in incredibly large change list! LightningUK, you’ve been busy, man! Very nice job!!

This man is a legend…keep up the great work!!

All I can say is… WOW!!! Keep up the AWESOME job.

Very Very Very cool!!! :X

the best image burning program out there :slight_smile:

Now you have added the build mode, I hardly have any use for Nero anymore, so thanks for an amazing update and letting me free up about half a gig on my hard disc :slight_smile:

The only thing missing now is the ability to read a CD or DVD and create an ISO. I know that DVDDecryptor did that, but what i would like to use it for is the DVD and CDs that are NOT encrypted or copy protected. I just want to dump an ordinary disc to an ISO. But ImgBurn is, and have been for the last year, my prefered tool for burning images and i have donated some money as well. Lets see how easy the userinterface is to burn files from the disc and see if the rock solid engine also has a good user interface in this area.

It’s a great program, use it all the time, hopefully people will send the guy some well earned wonga via Paypal! good programs like this deserve support.
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you get it to be able to burn starforce and get it to run then my money is on you dude regardless this is the best out for image burning thnkz alot.

@gexx Please go to his site and read the concept behind imgburn…then u will see what’s within it’s scope

Very cool…