.img .vob unable to view these files



Hi there, I have been having trouble accessing a movie, the folder containing the DVDR has a .img extension, the folders inside are video_TS and audio_TS the video has .VOB, .IFO and .BPO extension. I have tried to open these on my pc and mac both returning error messages saying this file format is not supported (have change the extension to just about every format I can think of, same error message). I have tried quick time, DiveX, windows media player even toast will not recognise them, could some HELP me please.


That is an image for burning a DVD. The .img isn’t really a folder. It’s a file that on your computers the operating systems are treating as a folder.

Just use your burning software’s “burn image” feature and load the .img file and burn it.

What you’ll end up with is a DVD that will play on just about any DVD player.

By the way, it sounds to me like you’re trying to pirate a movie. :wink: I’m operating under the assumption that you’re not.


Thanks for the help,
P.S. wouldn’t dream of it.


The poster is asking for the help in resolving his problem of not being able to open his DVD files and he hasn’t given indication of any illegality so please give a benefit of doubt.


No folder, but kinda a container (format).
You can easily mount it using Daemon Tools, then use an software dvd player to play the video.