IMG to Bin convertion


A quick question,…

I converted some of the *.img psx games that I had into bin format and they seem to be working fine(the same), I was wondering and wanted to make sure by converting img to bin there is nothing(any kind of information) lost right?

cause I tried converting img to iso first and some games didn’t work…

  1. psx doesnt support img to iso, things are lost by the psx, not by the pc.

  2. your absolutely safe if your using a convertor to convert the img to bin, no problems there, nothing will be lost.

  3. any more questions :)?

The 793

Thanks 793 :slight_smile:

Any more questions? hmm…

k, I’ve got one…

If i want to backup my PS2 games(using UltraISO) should I back them up in BIN format too?

Most people backup ps2 games with Dvd Decrypter. I would use .iso format. Occasionally you may have to patch a game to get it to work. I think most patching programs work best with isos. Here’s a site you may find interesting if you don’t already know about it.

so PS2 does not have problems with iso?

I have DVD Decrypter, but for some reason always thought it was for dvd movies :confused:

Thanks sikoone, I’ll check that website out :slight_smile: