.img .sub .ccd .cue

I have a game that has .img .sub .ccd .cue files. What I cannot get is how do I burn these things? I have done so much reaserch. I have CloneCD Nero 6, really what im asking is what what do i click browse and click on to burn? Thanks in advance im so confused im getting mad lol.

When I burn as .img the cd-rw has nothing on it… same with .ccd and .cue or they just might not even work… and I just tryed to write the .CCD in CloneCD and it said the .sub didnt match the .img… lol that cannot be good im confused need some serious help


OMG Thanks man, I actually got it to pop up so I could install it, but now when I push install it wont work? What is my problem the .sub .img .ccd file messed up? One of them have to be messed up or somthing if im not mistaking. Thanks alot

all you need is the .img, unless you plan to burn the file/s with clonecd, then you would load the .ccd. so my best guess is that it’s either a system issue or the img file is not complete or corrupt.