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Hello to all :slight_smile:
I just got my new DVD RW drive today and im unsure how to copy a dvd game such as Toca Race Driver 2 i want to make an IMG file out of it can some one please direct me as i seem to be getting no where :sad:

thanks in advance

If you want to copy a game (of course it is your game to backup, right :cop:), I suggest using Alcohol 120% ( - I think they changed sites, but I can’t be effed to find the other).

Alcohol can copy protected games (including PS1 and PS2 games).

The three main ones used to copy games are,

Alcohol 120%

Others that can be used for some copying are,

There are proably a few others as well.

Each program can do some things are not others. Posting what game, the copy protection on it and your CD/DVD drives will normally get some help in making a working copy.

A Detailed guide to “bakingup” PS2 games using alcohol 120 %…can anyone GIVE plz?

download alcohol 120% trial ( then, once installed click “Image Making Wizard”, select your drive then select “Playstation 2” profile. then once made click the “Image Burning Wizard”, select the image file you just made and burn using the “Playstation 2” profile, this should work for both CD PS2 games and DVD PS2 games. but remember you will have to get your PS2 modded for the backups to work.

hope this explains it.


If I recall TOCA Race Driver 2 is StarForce 3 protected so you won’t have much luck with it, especially the CD version. Or am I thinking of the wrong game?