.img files

O.K. got my NEC 3540 working thanks to this forum :bow: (thanks)

Now I have got a .img file and want to burn it to a dvd so I can watch it on my DVD player. Which software is the best for this or how can this be done using nero? Also how do I convert .wmv and .avi files so that they play on my dvd player. :confused:

DVD Decrypter is great for burning .img files.

Thanks a lot for the help, How do I burn the .img file to a DVD using this DVD Encrypter?

When you’ve installed DVD Decrypter you should be able to right click on the image file & open with … DVD Decrypter.

Alternatively run DVD Decrypter , select mode -> ISo -> Write. Then select the image file . Insert your blank DVD & burn.