.img burning issue please help

I’ve got a folder for the movie borat…

inside the folder is about 20 .rar files that when unpacked all play the same movie in nerovision. they are .img files. How can I burn these to a dvd that will play. there are also severa .r35-60 files i’m not sure what they are? I tried to burn it and it comes up on the TV but it’s black and white and the screen scrolls like a poor reception channel. I probably sound like the biggest rookie in the world and I am but I would really appreciate any help.

This must be an illegally downloaded movie so I’m afraid nobody here should provide help as it’s clearly against the forum rules.

You are absolutely right,

Hmm, yes well AFAIK the movie Borat isn’t distributed in multi-part .rar format so I guess I’ll just have to claose the thread.