IMG burn , yes agin

I have a nice file wating to burn up, but, he is an IMG file. so , i serch the internet for halp how to burn it , hours. Still nothing :
I serch all over you form , there is IMG–> DVD burn. img with other files like CSS and so on.
i tray MagicISO but its sucks :\

what to do ? how do i burn an IMG file to a CD ?:confused::confused: :confused:

CloneCD uses the IMG format. However you could also use Nero to burn your images. (Recorder -> Burn Image…; then select “All Files” and browse to the IMG file)

What are we talking about exactly? Is it a CloneCD image (.img, .sub, .ccd) or a IMG file containing a video DVD?

If it’s a video DVD, just mount the DVD with Deamon tools (so you won’t have to figure out the block size for burning with Nero) and copy to your writer from the image drive…

If what I’m saying sounds like jibberish to you, please tell, so I can explain further :slight_smile:

10q :bow:
yes… it was program and not DVD…
But now i understand what everybody say about burning DVD with IMG. :stuck_out_tongue:

still i will tray Nero … i see what he can do:cool:

:sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

its not working :
Nero sad it is “unexpected file format”.
and CloneCD using only .CCD format… not .img


All you have to do is download dvd decrypter from and burn it in the iso mode.

it is also freeware:D

Use the program you created it with?