Img burn Or Nero

I just want to know what software works best or is there something else i should try thank you.

Whichever suits you best.

For DL media it’s Imgburn & if you want meaningful volume names (more than the 15 character limit of Nero) then it’s ImgBurn.

Otherwise it doesn’t matter, the burn quality is the same.

Well, TimC has allready said the most important things i.e. that there are no writing quality differences between the different burning apps and that it’s simply a matter of personal preference i.e. whatever suits you the best. I would just like to add that personally then i am very happy with ImgBurn and use it all the time for all my data writing needs as it handles all my needed tasks great, but if you are the kind of person which needs multi-session support, Unicode support, or needs to change the directory structure of the burn on-the-fly like e.g. writing a directory structure not existing currently on your harddrive, then you will need Nero or another app, as ImgBurn dosen’t support those things. Note, LUK! has allready implemented Unicode support, so the next release of ImgBurn will include that feature also.

CU, Martin.