IMG burn couldnt finalise?! What to do?

It finished writing then went to do the finalising and then gave me ‘no additional sense information’, and couldnt finalist. What do I do now? Is the disc a coaster?

was writing mkm 001,at 4x with Sony DRX-800UL, f/w ky06. :doh:

edit the disc has LOADS of rings underneath, verdict; coaster.

Definitely a coaster, Greg. But now you have to ask yourself what caused it. You didn’t have a minor power outage at all?

no, but it was a copy of a home made disc that had gone duff due to sticky label, and i think an error must have happened when i was making the image file as I was multitasking at the time. Dunno, i was burning from my external hard disk, ive had 2 succesful burns when doing that since i returned to my sony writer, weird.

Burned from the external hdd - that was the issue initiating more trouble…

i dont understand what difference that makes if I have done that twice before and got 93% QS scores both times. Its connected via firewire, and its a 7200rpm disk, i just thought it would give a more steady flow of data as it runs faster (yeah i know the dvd doesnt write anywhere near that fast but i just supposed it would do better), and because the files the laptop runs off (windows files etc) are on the main hdd, i dunno. Call me a noob.

Were they all DL? I think no.

All the burns of DL media since i got my external hdd are done from the external, at 2.4x, only the last two i did were at 4x;

I would do some performance tests using Nero CD DVD Speed.

to assess what? the speed of the external or the internal? Im using a laptop with a 5400 rpm disk. When doing a read speed before burning, the external gets 23,500kb/s, the laptop gets 13,200 kb/s.

External of course. Lappy drives (slmiline) are always slower and not that reliable like HH drives for desktops.

So do you reckon it was just a fluke that one coaster?? This time im going to rip the footage from the disc and then create an image using nero as opposed to writing straight to iso with decrypter.

Yes, good idea. DL is always more tricky. No DL RW in sight and it’s questionable how reliable they re when they arrive…

I had done a 60% defrag, do you think that it not being 100% defragged wouldve done it also?? It was all blue, on the image, it was just compacting the files.

I would use OOdefrag to defrag it properly.

The Os internal defragger is rubbish.

looks like its not for free :frowning: that blows lol.

FREE 30 days trial!

which method is best? complete/name, complete/modified, complete/access??

I have to say that I burn from an extrunly seagate 160 on the firewire bus and have never had a Proplem.You might want to check the drivers and any filters you have running.

Have you tried to close disc “manually” with ImgBurn.
Don’t know if this works with DL discs though because I never tested it. Maybe you can. :smiley: