IMG and SUB editor

Hi, anyone know how to edit a IMG and its matching SUB file so that you can add files or directories to the IMG?
To add to BIN files I use WinISO, but what do I use to edit IMG and SUB?

Or is there a program that reads the data of 2 different sets of IMG files (each IMG is a copy a different CD), then burns the data onto one CD?

I have IMG, and BIN files under 300 MB and i want to burn 2 of these files on one CD (fit the data from 2 small CDs onto 1 700MB CD).

Cdmage can do a lot with images. Don’t know if it can do what you want.

Mount the images with and burn the content of all the files with any basic cd writer program .

You can also put the 2 images files directly in one cd and mount them later with daemon .

WinISO supports img too!?.. in .sub files are subcodes only…

Thanks to all.

Originally posted by FiReKiLL
WinISO supports img too!?.. in .sub files are subcodes only…

Are you asking if WinIso supports IMG , or telling me?

Question to all:
WinISo loads IMG files, but not SUB; please tell me if I add files to the IMG (edit the IMG file) how does that effect the SUB that goes with this IMG?
Does the SUB contain any files that make up a CD or does the SUB just contain special information about the CD?

If I do like OlivierFromFran said and burn 2 image files on one CD and use daemon to read them, what is the best format to burn the image file as: ISO, BIN, or IMG+SUB?
Any warnings to special things that I should know if I burn 2 image files together on one CD?