iMesh pays out $ 4.1m in compensation to US music industry

I just posted the article iMesh pays out $ 4.1m in compensation to US music industry.

 The software company Bridgemar Services  behind iMesh which use has been a very popular P2P music sharing tool over the  past few years has agreed to pay $ 4.1m (    UK      £2.2m) in ...
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The first ruling of makers of P2P software are not liable for the content still stands as this is an out of court settlement. They basically did not have the guts to see the whole saga to the end. Will others be sued? Probabally. Will the MPAA / RIAA etc win? Probabally not. As this was not a court ruling then they cannot use this as a point of law, just a scare tactic for the others. The origional ruling was made so that no one could sue other companies for something someone did with their products, such as Ford Motor Company because they were run over by a Ford truck, or Smith & Western (a gun company for the uneducated out there;) ) because they were shot by one of their guns.

I wonder what percentage the artists will see of the 4.1m. Any guesses? :r

The fine law offices of Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe hard at work. Keeping the mean streets of the internet clear of the all the reasons we use the internet. ‘they’ won’t be happy till the internet is just another big fat TV network run by 2-3 corporations.

The cute thing about this situation is that iMesh is based in Israel, yet they have a New York ‘public relations agency’, what the hell is that all about?!? According to C|Net they are incorporated in Delaware, and they specify in their tems of service that disputes arising from the software should be litigated in New York courts! What in the world are they thinking? It’s like they were begging for this. I think I understand why they settled. This all smacks of behind the scenes wheeling and dealing. iMesh has been trying to license music for years and they have been told to basically to ‘go fly a kite’ by the labels. Now, they are willing to pay 4.1 mil on a case they could have won? I smell a rat. Ooops I mean a music deal. To hell with legal issues this is just a business transaction between two scumbags. Somebody just rolled over to get on the good foot with the RIAA that’s all this is. Don’t worry boys you’ll get it back ten fold right? Well, not from me you won’t. Now, couple this with the Induce act about to be shoved down our throats you can kiss P2P goodbye. Congratulations iMesh, you did a good job greasing the rails for these bloodsuckers. I hope you go down in flames. Suddenly, as an aside, Brainwol is all a titter with the thought of iMesh selling music legally for him. How convenient. After all these years. My My what a coincidence.
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Personally, I think this is a load of bull…not just this, but the WHOLE IRAA and things along those lines, saying it’s “illegal” to share things. Take for example, Metallica, who used to be one of the leading people in the music industry that were against file sharing (Or at least Lars in particular). Now, on the cover of their Garage Inc album they said that one of the fondest memories they had of when they were younger was sitting around in the basements dubbing each others tapes they had just bought. Now tell me this…what’s the difference between copying other people’s tapes, and copying files from another persons computer? Not a thing…what is the IRAA gonna start doing next, start suing people that make recordable tapes that people can record movies/audio onto? This is getting BEYOND retarded…they should just look at the studies that were done at Harvard (I believe it was harvard…can’t be for sure atm) that show that Internet Downloading does really NOT have any effect on CD sales…it’s all just a way for some jerk to make a quick buck by coming down on something that shouldn’t be done, because it can NEVER be stopped… if they keep going like this, we won’t even be able to surf the net without danger of lawsuit for violating copyright, since we’re always looking at copyrighted material and if we send a picture from a website to a friend saying DUDE! this is phat! then we’ve violated copyright… sigh sorry, /rant off :stuck_out_tongue:

Well if it ever becomes legal to blame P2P software makers for what users do then I for one plan to sue the f*ck out of all manufacturers of tanks, bombs, guns, grenades, etc - Look at what people do with those - the makers of them are just as responsible as the makers of p2p software.

Good point.

Crabby, I think you’re right. Something about that was fishy. They could have done a lot more to limit thier risk and liability, but they obviously made the move to remain accountable in the New York Court systems. Something is up.

to above poster… i’m sure NONE of that 4.1mill will make it to any artist… however, we can all be assured that ever dime of it will make it to the bank accounts of the record execs… also, imesh must of caved it cuz they couldn’t afford a legal fight…

Perhaps this will shed some light on the issue:

I am afraid that this is an indication that P2P is about to become illegal. I am also afraid that there must be talk that the Induce Act is a done deal. Hope I am wrong.
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Im sorry to see imesh give in like this. Imesh was one of the FIRST all file type p2p sites,. along with that other one thats gone now.